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"Grafton" is a world-patented technology that uses electron beam graft polymerization. The target substance is inexpensively chemically adsorbed on a molecular level. Grafton technology, which has been successful in converting electron beam graft polymerization that was once "high-performance, high-cost" to "high-performance, low-cost," is described herein. Through joint research with Professor Masahiro Hori of Yokohama National University1, this research has been presented to academic meetings and is already used for practical purposes as a counter-technology for VOCs, such as formaldehyde, etc., and as a measure against sick houses.


The direct-contact surface area between the target substance and the functional groups is large and adsorption speed is fast.
The capacity of effective functional groups by weight is high. It is 150 times that of the same weight of active carbon in terms of NH3 gas.
(3)No desorption
There is none of the desorption of adsorbed substance that occurs with active carbon for physical adsorption because it is chemical reaction-based adsorption.
(4)Long durability
Durability is long because functional groups retain their effectiveness without being released from the substrate.
(5)Wide-ranging applicability
Forms including liquid, granules, sheets, gels, etc. are possible, depending on the choice of substrate.

model structure
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Conventional type Property items Grafton
× Adsorption speed
 (Contact surface area)
× Total adsorption capacity
 (Amount of effective functional groups)
× Economics
(Adsorption performance/unit price)
× Durability
(Property stability)
× Toxicity
(Molecular weight, diffusion)